Wtf is going on with this community?! I've been playing for 2 years and I have never seen such hopeless and cowardish teammates in ranked! Every single fking game some guy from my team gives up and says idc about the game anymore because he died. THAT'S IT! HE GAVE UP JUST BECAUSE HE DIED! That's not even the worst. They give up because their champ was banned but still play the game instead of dodging They give up because their teammate is bad They give up because enemy took baron They give up because their lane opponent killed them and their jungler. WHAT THE FK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! If you want to cry like child because your teammates are bad and say idc about the game anymore,then play goddamn COD! Why are you doing this in ranked and ruining my promos,draining my hard earned LP? I consider it a gift from the god when my team doesn't give up in a game whetever we're winning or not anymore! If you want to say idc about the game anymore,then go play goddamn normals or aram or bots! What kind of a spineless piece of sh!t you have to be to lose all hope the moment you make a mistake? Maybe if you cowards didn't jack off to every weird stuff,lose all testerone because of that,sit on your ass the entire day playing rankeds due to having no career or future because you have nothing else but this game, had any success in your life,maybe you wouldn't have become such lowly cowards! GROW A SPINE!!! {{sticker:darius-angry}} TL;DR Stop telling everyone to ff 15 because you died twice to the same enemy and now they are "unstoppable".
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