Chat restriction... for what?

10 ranked wins for this. Tell me what is wrong? Keep in mind in all these games crybabies in my team flamed me all time, but riots did not include other messages, so just imagine what they say when i answer to them. > Game 1 > ezdlol: nice premade of 4 vs randoms > ezdlol: gj riots > ezdlol: prev game 1 afk from start, 2 prev game premade of 3 vs randoms > ezdlol: yeah fizz you are only one random in your team :) > ezdlol: fck u > ezdlol: this why premades is unfair > ezdlol: easy coordinate ganks and emergency help > ezdlol: that was not bait > ezdlol: he almost died > ezdlol: i chased when this noob fizz had 10 hp > ezdlol: and u saved him on last second > ezdlol: it is not bait > ezdlol: it is ololo i will kill annie oops i die HELPP > ezdlol: 3 gank > ezdlol: so pro > ezdlol: haha noobs > ezdlol: u will not make angry > ezdlol: riots make it is easy > ezdlol: creating anfair matches > ezdlol: do u know other wards? > ezdlol: u have rap d ur mom > ezdlol: GO NOOBS > ezdlol: or i will go afk > ezdlol: or farm till the end > ezdlol: ok i go farm till the end > ezdlol: 3 noobs refused to take dragon > ezdlol: i dont care really > ezdlol: if team refused to take dragon > ezdlol: it is end > ezdlol: they are too stupid to play this game :) > ezdlol: NOOOB > ezdlol: jax > ezdlol: with 100 HP > ezdlol: let u run away > ezdlol: for? > ezdlol: lol? > ezdlol: is it your favorite word? :) > ezdlol: next time this jax will be in your team > ezdlol: i want to see it :) > ezdlol: jax is the problem > ezdlol: we lost 2 kills and dragon > ezdlol: so? > ezdlol: if u will lose kills and dragons > ezdlol: will you have better stats? > ezdlol: u did not lost kills > ezdlol: why? > ezdlol: we lost it already > ezdlol: if team refuses to play > ezdlol: i did not feed liar > ezdlol: but they refused to take dragon and kill 100 hp voli > ezdlol: ? > ezdlol: 4v1 he almost died > ezdlol: that was pro bait too right? > ezdlol: yeah, but that was pro bait? > ezdlol: so? > ezdlol: are u idiots? > ezdlol: u have no money from me > ezdlol: so? > ezdlol: what does it mean? > ezdlol: it is not intentional feed > ezdlol: it is like u cant report jax for being stupid > ezdlol: with 100% hp no even try to take dragon > ezdlol: it is better than fight with jax > ezdlol: gj noobs > ezdlol: u took wolves > ezdlol: no jax leave him > ezdlol: he has 100 hp > ezdlol: let him run > ezdlol: gj jax > ezdlol: np > ezdlol: see? > ezdlol: they dont enen try to help > ezdlol: just running near me > ezdlol: and let me die > ezdlol: how can we win this? > ezdlol: report > > Game 2 > ezdlol: i thought it is cat > ezdlol: rengar > ezdlol: attack > ezdlol: cait? > ezdlol: slow him? > ezdlol: trap him? > ezdlol: attack him? > ezdlol: i hope you dont think i will tank him? > ezdlol: ok i leave bot > ezdlol: it is pointless > ezdlol: POINT? > ezdlol: cait always run away > ezdlol: let then kill me for free > ezdlol: better support other lane > ezdlol: while she will def tower > ezdlol: SO THEN GANK BOT > ezdlol: LEARN TO PLAY > ezdlol: beacuse WW ganked bot > ezdlol: u were not > ezdlol: cait drake fast > ezdlol: leave creeps > ezdlol: look > ezdlol: 3v2 > ezdlol: they run away > ezdlol: and amumu flame > ezdlol: he cant play 1v5 > ezdlol: he think i can 1v2 > ezdlol: so gridy > ezdlol: did not kill grab > ezdlol: but to not let me take 2 creeps lol > ezdlol: cait? > ezdlol: why did not you kill grub? > ezdlol: GIVE ME MONEY > ezdlol: NO > ezdlol: STFU > ezdlol: i HAVE 2 wards > ezdlol: i cant place 3 > ezdlol: SO > ezdlol: i have 7 deaths > ezdlol: cait has 0 teamworks > ezdlol: amumu has 0 ganks > ezdlol: if u want i will stay afk > ezdlol: if you will not support me > ezdlol: OK > ezdlol: THEN YOU JUST PLAY > ezdlol: look your build > ezdlol: you are wrong > ezdlol: you try to play my champ > ezdlol: report yourselves noobs > ezdlol: u dont help me in fights > ezdlol: haha > ezdlol: all run way > ezdlol: how much gold from me? :) > ezdlol: i def > ezdlol: top > > Game 3 > ezdlol: ali plz dont attack low hp creeps > ezdlol: i have not enough attack speed to finish them one after another fast > ezdlol: ali plz > ezdlol: if u want to play as adc > ezdlol: just say > ezdlol: i will leave bot for you > ezdlol: no point to play adc if support takes half of creep > ezdlol: report alistar > ezdlol: was afk early > ezdlol: took many creeps > ezdlol: now flame and afk > ezdlol: go push mid > ezdlol: i cant play bot now > ezdlol: i cant play 1v2 > ezdlol: this ali only lich exp and kill creeps > ezdlol: stop what? > ezdlol: play? > ezdlol: what the point to stay under tower? > ezdlol: go bot if u want > ezdlol: i need support firzt > ezdlol: shut up cow > ezdlol: u intentionally failed my farm > ezdlol: now shut up > ezdlol: look > ezdlol: this alistar > ezdlol: intentionally fails this game > ezdlol: report him for assisting enemy team > ezdlol: thx > ezdlol: lol 3 kids > ezdlol: flamers > ezdlol: riots will see > ezdlol: who flame > ezdlol: bg
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