Something is really wrong with League (and it is being neglected)

So, yesterday I decided to quit playing League because of the following reason, I've had 6 games in a row where an ENTIRE team trolls/flames. I guess this sounds really familiar with the bunch of you and this has been going on for a long time (a very long time indeed). I tried to carry games, I kept my head cool, didn't talk, tried to motivate players to at least try to win. No matter what I did or how much effort I put into it, it just didn't work. And at the end of the afternoon I thought to myself: League is an institute of autistic kids where the players who keep a cool head and try to motivate them are the social workers. For a couple of weeks I felt my head was just really tired of all those toxic players. I don't know if I can call it toxic, because I think it is even worse than toxic. I also started to realize that more and more kinds of toxicity is being tolerated because I had a game last week where a support Alistar was trolling, even though the game was going equally. Looked up his account info and all that stuff and I noticed he has been showing this behavior over a long period of time. Then I though to myself, why STILL NOT being banned? Why so much tolerance? Waiting for him to reform? Toxicity leads to more toxicity, simply punish a players after a couple of trolling/toxic games, because toxicity is really contagious (and it goes really quick). League is in a severe condition right now in my opinion. Last week I played a game where a teammate (Olaf) was getting cocky because I simply said I wanted to win because I was playing ranked. He was doing really well, but he was throwing at certain moments and I simply said: ''c'mon Olaf, don't give up by throwing''. After that he was almost toxic because I said I wanted to win. I simply didn't continue the argument with him, because I am a reformed player who already has 2 banned accounts for toxicity. But being reformed or even reporting all players who show unsportsmanlike behavior or then ones who are toxic or throwing constantly and not being cooperative with the team/ not doing their best for the team to win, it just doesn't solve anything. It is more like the hydra thing: 1 toxic player punished, 2 toxic players emerge. It is fun to carry games (akali main here, started to play assassin role a while ago so I started with a simple assassin like akali), but the game is far from fun. All the League-youtubers make it look fun, but in reality the game is much different. As I said, I had toxic teammates in almost every single game. I ignored them and reported them, but 8 out of 10 games are just unwinnable because of how unorganized/toxic my team is and how organized/sportsmanlike the enemy team is. The honor system also didn't solve anything imo. It just helped the already honorable players to get their proper rewards. And sometimes the honor level 3 doesn't indicate anything, because I have experienced honor level 3 players who flamed. A while ago I saw a video of Riot where they said that they wanted the game to be competitive. Okay, competitive, I totally agree with it, I love competition. But why does the competition needs to be so unfair 8 out of 10 games? Why is the fun part not important? What about the summoner's code? I realized a couple of days ago, no matter how much you report, it won't help. I thought, maybe a ticket to Riot? No, it won't help.. already tried that last year. They end up saying the same thing: report toxic/unsportsmanlike players. The game is all about luck these days imo. If you are lucky enough to have a decent team without toxic players, you can win the game. I don't know how I should end this argument hahaha. But at least I hope this topic, or a similar one, really gets Riot's attention and I really hope they will put more effort in reforming the (really huge) toxic community. I know that 90% of all topics are similar to this one... that should be the reason Riot needs to make drastic changes to the ban-system. Kind regards to everyone and hope you have a good day (and a fun time on the rift/abyss)!
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