{{item:3151}} I beg you if you too have an afk each game and are sick of the /remakes or 4v5 games PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ support this discussion with all you have. If i decided to create this discussion today taking 15 minutes of my life time is that I AM TIRED OF AFK's. {{summoner:3}} PLZ FIND A SOLUTION. {{item:3026}} I pray everyday this problem stops. I have one afk every 3 games. Riot could, for example, create a limit of fps: you need to have a minimum wifi strengh to enter a multiplayer game. Because entering a game with the worst PC ever and with 1 FPS on your screen should not be admitted because it will waste the guy's time and his game teammates'one too. Please this is all i ever asked. If there was a "no afk pass" for 100$ I'd buy it honestly. {{summoner:21}} PLEASE. PLEASE. I DONT KNOW HOW TO SAY IT BUT PLEASE. I BEG YOU. FIX THE AFK PROBLEM. {{summoner:13}} Make it possible to enter a game without having a person going afk then connecting then disconnecting so that there isnt /remake. Some days I have no AFKs, some days all my games litterally have 1 or 2 AFKs. I BEG YOU SUPPORT THIS DISCUSSION. I want to be heard and helped. Please. I know im not the only one with this problem. {{item:3060}} Dont let AFK people ruin your Ranked score and your Match history in general. Wake up friends. {{summoner:30}} Take 1 minute of your time to share and comment on this discussion. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PLAY AT MY VERY BEST. Please, please, there are no words strong enough or at least publishable on an internet page to describe how I want this problem to be fixed. My server is EU West. Maybe this problem isnt as frequent on other servers. Or maybe I am the least lucky guy on earth. You never know. {{item:3363}} {{item:2043}} HELP ME RIOT PLEASE. AN ANSWER WILL SUFFICE. SUPPORT THIS DISCUSSION. {{item:2043}} Thank you, at least I feel relieved XD. Seriously support this please. {{champion:78}} AxElDaBoSs {{champion:81}}
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