how many times do we have to report inting scum in order to get them banned?

seriously, i'm D4. earning 12-14 pts losing 21-23 and my games are plagued with toxic bastards that i'm being forced to /fullmute on almost every game and on top of that around 25% of my games have someone that gets mad for some reason and starts inting. REAL INT, NOT THAT BAD GAME EXCUSE. Like a chogath that gets mad because he didn't get his stack on the scuttle and just runs it down, like a kata that gets mad for being pinged after she died. and you know what, after you've tried everything you can to win a game as adc when your mid/top are inting and ur jungle is soft inting and obviously you can't because you can't beat an 10 kills eve and ahri when they have a fed kled and a karma that's still relevant coz shields, guess what. You can't tell them how shit they are and you can't wish them the worst because apparently you can get banned in post game. so you've just lost 30 mins of your life, trying to play the game you love with egoistic bastards that disrespect you and you know that the only one that has a chance to get banned, is you if you have the nerve to flame on them ON POST GAME. what's the main reason toxic people are banned in the first place? They make the game unpleasant, although there is a way to get rid of them by muting them you can't get rid of the clowns that make the game unpleasant by getting mad and intentionally feed to "teach a lesson to your jungler" or whatever. fix it. for the love of god.
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