The worst thing to tell your teammates

{{summoner:14}} "I checked ur lolnexus and u have a bad KDA, pls don't feed , I want to win promos xD"{{summoner:14}} --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have seen this a few times in ranked games. It's perfectly fine to check your teammates KDA and enemies, but good lord, keep that info to yourself. You don't have to inform your "mediocre" teammate about their previous score. You have no idea how that KDA happened in those particular games. Maybe they're bad, maybe they just had a few loss streaks. Telling your teammate that they are going to lose the game from the beginning won't help them at all. And when you're in bronze/silver, your opinion matters even less (unless you're like challenger smurf, then you become a demigod) I once witnessed our nautilus saying this particular line to our renekton "your kda is bad pls dont feed", and it started a gigantic shitstorm not even 2 minutes into the game. Most of us defended the guy, and guess what... he did well in lane. He didn't feed, cause we ended up not giving a shit, and instead just played like a team. In the end, he got fed off of good ganks, and then teamfights. Informing your teammates about their own previous games will do as much as you being informed about your last AFK session. GL HF.
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