I quit League of Legends.

Hey, just wanted to post a short discussion about me leaving LoL. I know most of you will not care much about it, but it's also for myself not to reinstall the game because of this post i made. I loved League of Legends and I'd really like to continue, while i really can't. The reason for this is especially how players act ingame. Last season I ended up being Plat 4, but I kinda got bored of the game so I haven't played it that much till the new season. When Season 9 started I nearly instantly went into my promo games and boom, 2/8. Of that 10 games, I can say that 1 game I lost was my fault. the other 9 were just pure int. Either the enmies played so cancerous champions that I, for example playing Jhin, had basically no chance to do shit in game unless i got a lot of help, which i most likely didn't. Other games I either got AFK's or some inters. I deinstalled the game. I was sick of the matchmaking system with people leaving my games and inting. While the enemy team ran over my base 5 hours in a row. After a week, I reinstalled because I was bored and hey, league was fun. In normals. As soon as I played ranked, I permanently got inters and AFK's again. And really, I think Riot matches you with people that got your honorlevel, since I'm honor level 1 and only get people that AFK and int. (I'm H1 because i got a chat restrict cause my whole team flamed me [because i played yas jungle, although then I won 3 out of 4 ranked games with this] and I "defended myself", so all 4 reported me. I agree i flamed in this situation, but this was more kinda bullying than actually reporting someone for something he did wrong, tho I didn't care that much about the restriction it kinda hurt me seeing this shitty automatic system, since if what i did was reportable all the other 4 teammates shouldve been banned aswell) Well and this is what really pisses me off. I can just tell you my stats from the last 3 games (lost them all): Game 1 Me (Draven): 5/9/3 (after being 3/3/0 and permanently getting ganked by jungle and mid at once) Mid (Zed): 6/10/5, literally never said SS even once (enemy Malz came bot like 5 times) Jungle (Seju): 2/7/6, tho all the assists came from lategame, she didn't even gank once in 15-20 Minutes) Top (Kled): 3/8/1, loses early lane against Nasus and builds Deaths Dance first + has PTA, like how and why Game 2 Me (Graves): 3/3/1 Mid (Vel'Koz): 1/6/0, flames me for not ganking an Ahri with Ult and flash, while dies to her bc he literally runs into her ADC (Ezreal): 2/7/2, nothing to say bout this Game 3 Me (Darius): 10/4/2 Jngl (Rengar): 6/7/5, goes AFK after 25 Minutes tho the games was in a good state (Game took 35 minutes then) ADC (Jhin): 1/8/10, he and Brad flamed each other whole time tho Bard didnt play that bad but both gave up the game. And now I'm here, saying that this shit isnt fun anymore. I get games like this 70% of the time. Im felling so much anger about these games and this game overall, that I'm done, I play League for fun and not for me feeling like i just wanna punch someone elses face with all the power i have. And thats why I quit. I want to rethink gaming in a way noone has ever done, I wanna have FUN. Now I just have to find something that is good enough to be worth my time, 3979 hours on league are enough. I wish you all a great day, much luck in your games and not the Teammates I get. Das Eînhorn PS: You don't need to teach me about behavior and stuff, I know how the game and it's System and Community works, tho it doesn't change my opinion about them.
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