People are taking Normal draft WAY too serious!

This is yet another game where i got constantly harassed about my performance in a game. For some reason, these kids (I'm assuming they are children because adults wouldn't/shouldn't behave this way) don't understand that normal draft is where you either are learning a role or are just having a casual league game (well, as casual as league can be...). But my god, the past few months have been horrible for someone like me who constantly plays normal draft. Just now had a blitzcrank who went on a insulting spree because i decided not to push the turret when leblanc went missing. Some relevant information: I'm TF, with flash and exhaust against leblanc, with only cooldown reduction boots. I figured that TF doesn't do much ad, it would take me ages to even get it to 10% and considering i'm losing lane by 0/2, leblanc is going to get my turret before i do anyway. Not only that but i had no vision of where she was. For all I know she was close by waiting for me to overextend. She had already baited me in once and that's why she got a kill on me with the help of the jungler. I decided to just **push the wave, deny her the cs, get the scuttlecrab on the top side to give garen some vision and to get some extra gold instead of pushing the turret **. Now you can argue here if i should have pushed the turret or not and I'm not going to argue with it because i am relatively new with the midlane. That could have been a mistake or a great judgement call. I just did what felt right at the time. ** But are you really going to just shit on a guy just for that?** I don't know why, but in LoL, people constantly keep shooting themselves in the foot just to feel superior. **Calling someone eloboosted, that they are retards, that they shoud uninstal, try and get them reported for "trolling" is not going to make me unlock the secrets of Twisted Fate and cary you. **In fact, i tilted. And i was genuinely annoyed and upset that i lost focus. Ultimately, we lost not because of the decision i made, but because of the constant harassement i got from blitz. **Blitz was so obsessed with winning that he ultimately lost us the game. ** Don't get me wrong, I'm not a good midlaner, in fact: I SUCK DICK. But the only way to learn a role is to play it. It's to get used to the abilities, the lane culture (kind of a weird way of saying it) and how you should use your champion in the proper manner. **You can't expect people to magically get a champion right. Normal draft is the place where people experiment, learn champions/roles and just to have a chill game of league.. /** Getting that mad in a non ranking mode where there are no consequences when you lose (or atleast not any real ones) shows that you need to take a break from the game, relax and reset your thought. Which is what I'm doing right now. Instead of going into a normal draft when I'm already pissed of, i write about it to be able to ventilate my issues with the game and then i'll grab a drink, watch a YT video and try again in an hour. _TL:DR: Normal draft is a mode where you shouldn't expect players to perform all that well. Most of the time people are playing their non main roles or they are just trying to get a casual game going. Take it easy and if you can't handle yousrelf, just mute everyone and have a good time or don't play at all so that you don't flip out!_ See you on the rift !
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