Banned for being toxic against toxic players.

So, I have been permanently banned form the League of Legends community and game on my main account "Artoxuz". After I am done typing this you will see the messages I sent during this game, right before I was banned. So, to start off with, there was people flaming me already in champ select, and since you can't mute players in this early stadium of the game, and since I tried to communicate with the team, I had to listen to all this bullshit thewn at me as If I was some kind of terrorist. This flame made me angry and frustrated already in the beginning of the game. Then the game started, and at the start, I had become more or less friends with the guy that flamed me, and I had calmed down. The early messages that you will see are all jokes that we said to eachother. The "report" things that I wrote where jokes, as we wrote them to eachother and there was mo mean things involved at first. What I did this game and more or less all other games was flaming thoose who flame me (the enemy botlane), and I understand that it might not be fun for other people to watch, but I never flame innocent people, because it's just wrong. The worst part is when People tell me "die of cancer" or "you are cancer" or such, since I am diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma witch is a special type of lungcancer. I am at least able to sit at home and do something instead of lying at the hospital, waiting for my treatment. However, the game was coming untill it's end, and back here I was really mad at them since they had flamed me and my teams botlane, so yes, I was toxic towards them in the end, but not against my team. Here is the following messages, and note, this is only what I wrote, Riot does not display what the others wrote to me, apparently I'm the only bad guy here. " jk xD fkn thunderlord is broken yeah i report u for reporting me <<<[Note how this is all jokes that we did to eachother, nothing offencive here] also report mundo he reported you and he took top also report brand plis well then ill just report you again? thunderlord is op as fuck you report unlucky he was just coming to gank sry :( and there we go :) mid missing! i told u mid was missing guys get some farm dont fight gj gj they are throwing, abuse that nice shhh zed ur bad <<<[zed was calling us "noobs"] nice i will kill you thresh :) <<<[the enemy botlane was being toxic towards us] I will kill your adc too slice slice slice oh im coming little boi lol i dont have to come, corki and his stupid support dies free anyway :D It's funny yeah I will I SAID YES READ CHAT U FUCKING MORON <<<[Here I become really angry because being accused and flamed, I know my bed here.] sry im frustrated shhhh keep dying, dont talk, talking is for the living! :D tell zed that plis <<<[Enemy botlane says "your farm is so bronze!!!] told ya, die for free sons nanana ur just baaad ^^_^ greedy and bad jajajajaja u are now allowed to start crying me a river keep on crying babiiii gj rengar says olaf who feeds as fuck <<<[Olaf says "die of cancer"] nanananana LOL nice hook jajajaj get rekt son why leave rengu 1v1 me ulaf i rekk u very day jajajaja easy easy olaf die, tresh die, corki die <<<[Enemy thresh says im noob and bad] fun fun fun yesyes corki and tresh always loose brand wtf r u doing? yeah group BARON NOW the zed plays we are too low to finish tresh is just bad so everything is op to him yes i do, be quiet :) rengar <3 <<<[Giving my woderfull teamate rengar feedback and love <3] get rekt ^_^ wow, can u ever throw more then corki and tresh did? yes I will, and ill report u for flaming ^_^ ask lee sin he'll report u too :D we need all to fight easy shit sry rengar yeah, if we throw now it's really awkward! so lets stay grouped from now on. Ill focus backline, care for zed thou gj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINIIIIIIIIISHHHHHHH say byebye to ur nexus ^_^" <<<[Yes, this was not necessary, I admit it. This was when they had triggered me whole game long] _____ So, this was the chat that finnaly got me PERMANENTLY BANNED. I think this is bullshit because I do not flame people taht doesn't flame me. I just think this is the wrong way to do it, No last chanse saying "dont even flame flamers or you will get permanently banned", I just got banned permanently. I have spent over 200USD on this game. I belive this is an unfair act of Riot games that can be improved.
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