Please help! I got ganged up by French people and they all agreed to report me

Dear Riot, Ever since I got a 2 week ban for flaming I am constantly trying to reform. I called someone an "idiot" and got my 2 week ban for that. I accepted my ban and moved forward. Since then I practically type nothing in chat but normal words. I don't call anyone names except maybe I called someone a "troll". In my recent game I played Kayn Support. Before you judge me, I wanted to try it out and it didn't go so well. The allied Ashe kept walking into Morgana's Qs and said after 2 deaths "i int". To be fair, I could have literally played any other support champs and this Ashe would have probably still died to every Morgana Q she walked into. As the game progressed, they kept calling me names and even dropped the "C-word" on me (the sickness kind) and later found out other people were all French nationals. Seeing as I was playing an unconventional support, I was blamed and all the French people agreed to report me. My final score was 2/3/1 while the allied Ashe was 0/11/2. I am afraid I will get flagged or banned for these constant reports. I am currently on a huge losing streak and I often get blamed for losses for whatever reason. I am sure this has been asked frequently, but will I get banned for: 1. playing unconventional supports? 2. playing champs I'm not used to in ranked? 3. getting too many reports? It is certain that I never intentionally fed, flamed anyone (except calling someone a "troll") or intentionally tried losing the game. The report system is not flawless and might just ban me for having too many reports. I don't want to lose my account that I've had since season 3. Thanks in advance.
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