About report... (I need a RED answere... really)

I reported two guys who were deliberately trolling their (and therefore mines) games feeding as much as they could 'cause, and I quote, "this is my bronze acc, i want it back to bronze". Now, this is kinda common. Point is that when you find something so intentional you can assume that after that report they are going to be banned at least. Well, I reported them and I also made a support ticket about and the answere is that Riot will investigate and eventually take some action, but they cannot tell me which kind of punishment they took for a privacy matter. Funny thing is that the correct punishment for someone who did feed intenionally for over 70 games (i counted in his match history) and he sistematically trolls games since 10th november should be a perma ban imho. Actually he's playing a game right now which i was spectating (i send him a friend request after my trolled match) and he was doing the usual stuff: eating ppl and vomiting them into enemies or turret and so on (ofc he's playing Tham kench atm). So, how is possible that he didn't get banned even after i made an esplicit ticket to Riot about him? Is it fair? Does it make sense? I mean, you said you are punishing ppl for yelling "bronze" to someone and those kind of guys can go unpunished? Some red, pls... answere! [The Match history of shame ---> http://prntscr.com/96oiu8](http://prntscr.com/96oiu8)
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