Complaining or Flaming?

I just had this game, i played Nautilus{{champion:111}} while supporting my friend Twitch{{champion:29}} . We had a decent start against the enemy BOT-LANE {{champion:429}} {{champion:12}} and then the enemy {{champion:161}} and {{champion:36}} come ganking us. They were like 5-2 and 3-1. They were jungle and mid. Then a few minutes, and a LOT GANKS later, our teammates (who don't know english grammar of the word "to feed") flame us for feeding the enemy. They don't SS, not even a single gank from our jungler when we asked for it. The game keeps going on and {{champion:29}} leaves because he's tired of getting flamed and no team to help (we did mute them). So the final score of the game can you find here[]( In the launcher-chat thingie after the game (I'm not sure what it's called), {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} on my team, tells the others to report for flaming. All I did was complain over no help from team. Is complaning and flaming the same thing? If so what about frustration? That's more the word to describe what i feel from the League Community right now. We have grown so toxic as to report someone for Int.Feeding just because they have a bad game (It's noted as "Griefing" to those that don't know) and may result in a ban afterwards. I just got a warning myself. Am i the only one that feels like this? If I'm not, can we at least try to make this a better in-game-community? I really love this game, but I don't have any fun playing when I get flamed for dying to someone else's feed (if you know what I mean). If you come this far, i would like to thank you for reading and i would really love some comments.
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