When they gonna start to punish trolls instead of people who gets mad at trolls? IT'S BEEN 7 YEARS.

When the hell Rito gonna fix his report system? I did get chat restriction twice because I was mad at trolls, but l'm the one who gets punished instead of them? Um, hello? Yes, arguing with them didn't help me first time, so l shouldn't do it again, but it's hard to keep quiet when they're ruining your game and saying things like "nobody gets punished for trolling anyway" because it's kinda right. For Rito's "report system" l was being toxic, which is "half-true", cuz lf you don't watch the game, you can't understand why l was "toxic". Watching every game and detecting every troll/false report is impossible yeah, but it's been 7 YEARS. You should've find a way for that already. Did l have to clap them for trolling? Not get mad at someone for wasting my time? Don't even start with "arguing with troll not gonna help", everyone knows that but, lt's not fun to see your time is wasted because of someone, and lt's more hard to keep calm when you know they're NOT GONNA GET PUNISHED for what they did. If he/she allowed to ruin my fun, why would l not allowed to get mad at him/her? Congratulations, you get chat restriction for calling troll a "moron/ret*rd/f*ck". Even though we have "mute button" there. It's not fun to get trolls and know they're not gonna reported because they're not trolling every game, just a few games a day is enough for their "troll fun". I saw a lot of posts that they trolled more than +100 games and still didn't get punished.. sooo Rito? I'm no longer in chat restriction tho, l'm just mad because they literally don't do anything to detect trolls, but saying "bad word" is enough to get dishonorable. Cuz trolling is honorable thing next to getting mad. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{item:3070}}
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