People asking and telling me to click a link for free rp

So I was recieved a friend request after a game with this guy on the other team, I did okay so I just assumed it was one of those people who add random people for the sake of it. About 10 minutes later I recieve a pm from them asking if I would play a game with him, I joined and was acompanied by another player. Whilst waiting for a game the guy who pm'd me asked if I wanted free skins and rp and I said no, I dont care about skins tbh, and then we found a game. After the game his buddy added me and we stopped talking for about 5 hours. His buddy then sent me a pm with just "here" "free rp" then the link "click". I havent tounched the link at all but I feel like this is a new scam or virus thing, the link starts of as "%%%%%%%%%%%%%" and then the rest of the link.
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