Stop being a baby and please grow up.

I get it! you get these trolls, flammers whatever. We all do, we all have to tolerate them till the end of our days playing league of legends, suck it up and stop crying about it. I'm sick and tired of having people crying their minds out on the boards due to bad games, Oh you had a troller? well tough luck pal maybe next game you'll get a better team if not just suck it the f**k up like everyone else does. It won't get better crying about it. You want to quit the game? Than go the f**k ahead mate It's nobody else's business but your own. This game requires a strong mindset to tolerate not only the people you play with and against but also the pressure of the matches themselves in case you are in a ranked game. There are ways to deal with the issue of having to deal with feeders and what not, ASSEMBLE A GOD DAMN TEAM YOU APE , it's not that hard. All it requires is to either scout good players for your friendlist in ranked/normals and later play with them or post something in the boards instead of posting about your losing streak you banana head, and let me tell you right away that nobody likes players who complain all the time so do yourself a favor and just stop. And for crying out loud, it's a god damn game, there is no need to take it so seriously. Your goal might be to become challenger or even pro but that will happen in due time or do you think the pro's we see today were just placed in challenger without having to deal with the problems we non-pro players do, they still have to deal with the same issues even in challenger mate. Learn to adapt and become more tolerant, it will be good for you in-game and in real life too. Also don't just tilt and give up after you got first blooded or someone else in your team did. Almost every match is winnable even when your team is behind. Good luck to you all in the Rift and have a nice week!

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