I'm considering leaving LoL forever because of Toxicity and Harassment

For years, I have not encountered such vile, evil and toxic people anywhere on any game except on League, I have had better time dealing with screaming children and angry Russians on CSGO than dealing with the absolute disgusting creatures who play LoL, This wouldn't be an issue if it's like one in five or ten games but every single match I play has someone or a group of people always harassing and trolling each other and this has finally made me snap. A few days ago, I was harassed by a Yasuo player and his friend for managing to kill him multiple times by just using Teemo's R on Top lane and jungle, and here's the catch, I wasn't even harassed in-game or after the match, he went out of his way to find my steam and my Twitter (since my name was on them before) and started calling me racial slurs, I just blocked him and his friend on all stuff and removed my old nickname from my steam account and removed the tweets that promotes my account so nothing like his happens and shrugged everything off and played some Paladins fast forward a couple of days and Today, I was harassed for dying at the start of the game because all 5 of the enemy team decided to invade my jungle and from then I kept getting more and more harassment, bot stealing my farms, mid telling me to go AFK and uninstall the game and the entire team specifically did NOT warn me of anything in game what-so-ever, so sometimes they would know that there is a group of enemies in front of me and they won't warn me (I noticed this by observing how my teammates warn each other when navigating the map). I also have complained about how Egyptians like to bypass the system and harass others with slurs all the time [here](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/XyJAN9gu-please-banreport-more-toxic-egyptian-players-to-send-a-clear-message) and I could go on and on and on forever on how much bad experience I had with people on this game and how much it's rare to find anyone who is remotely nice, everyone is either silent or a giant a hole. I'd like to remind everyone again that this is not a thing that happens every few matches for me, it happens every match. I only mute people when I'm finally at my boiling point (or when I'm depressed) if anyone is going to tell me to "mute them", I do mute people and very often at the start of the game when I see that my team will be toxic from pre-game But for how long am I going to keep not talking to people in a multiplayer game? for how long will i have to deal with all of this harassment and toxicity? even when I report them I never really get anything from Riot that confirms that "hey, we are checking your report out and will get back to you soon with the verdict" to at least tell me that someone out there is looking at these people and serving justice Is this a EUNE thing only? or is it this bad in other regions as well? what should I do? Should I just quit the game or what?
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