I got banned but he didnt? Some more personal opinions and Reporting System

Hello everyone! My name's Veronica but I call myself Sami Darkin (used to main Aatrox). But anyway I'm here to talk about my ban and behaviour, people in general and the reporting system. Sorry if I've made any mistakes, English isn't my 1st language :) **How I got banned** It all started I suppose a while back when I got my 2 week ban. I'm going to agree that I deserved that. Because yeah, I did lose my cool in two of the 3 games for which i was banned back then. You know how it is, your supp takes every single enemy skillshot for no reason so you're with your hands tied, or the feeding enemy top laner tries acting better than you for no reason. Or when there's only one player doing good in the entire team and they decide to only thrashtalk you, because you like playing vayne with electrocute and it doesn't matter how many pentas you've had with it or that it's good for early trades.. So that takes me to locked honor lvl for some time and then it's lvl 0. You know how it goes. Time passes, ban is over and I am trying not to lose my cool as hard as i can since I already had a ban, I dont want my precious account perma banned. And here comes the one and only, the amazing top laner from my last game on my beloved account. What happens is this.. My fiddle pathing is as follows: Blue -> enemy raptors -> enemy red or krugs or both, depending on the enemy jungler's pathing. So I take the raptors - great. I then go to take red, top laner pings me that his opponent is missing. I know i can 1v1 anyone in the jungle, especially next to the red buff since my crow can bounce on the enemy several times, so i don't budge. I want the xp and gold. Enemy top and jung come to murder me for trespassing.. I ignored the "i guard this property" and now Wolf is coming to bite my butt! {{champion:203}} I flash over the wall to krugs and vlad comes soon after that to help me walk to safety, it would've been an easy 2v2 if he just came earlier. Which is exactly what i told him my exact words - "don't ping; just follow; not that hard". If the enemy top laner can come, so can you buddy. I dont remember if he had said something offensive before I said that but right after i told him not to ping but follow... he exploded. After that he did not stop telling me that im: - a*tist - r*tarded - how i shouldn't play - how i'm silver .. (ye man.. was working on it.. i get a lot of incompetent players in my games and nobody performs perfectly 100% of their games...) - that i have 38% win rate and should end my life because of it (my wr was 48% tho.. and i had just given up playing Vayne in ranked, almost 600k mastery points on her.. and started playing jinx and fiddle - 65% and 64% win rate on them.. and jinx was 80% at one point..) - how i know NOTHING about the game and should just end my life.. at one point i said something in my own language to let out some steam.. he doesn't understand it, i get to have said something without actually offending anyone.. kind of a win-win situation, no? - to that he said that i come from a third world country and right after that he called me a muslim too (i dont rly, and i live in England atm, stressing in uni) - there was also one very unique insult which sadly i forgot and i'm angry at myself for forgetting since that was the 1st time i saw someone use that insult.. I did call him a 0 iq baboon when he took my blue (2nd blue of the game) even though i pinged him a million times not to.. I'm a fiddle.. he's a vladimir... who needs blue more..? He took it just to piss me off and it worked. : / My bad. Again, he didn't take that lightly at all as if he's not the one pushing my buttons in the first place... He then flamed a lot, sat afk, ran it down mid once, and several times top or he just fought his opponent while he was behind... i dont know which was it.. Our beloved dude saw that our adc and mid are fed and decided to stop trolling.. sort of.. since there was plenty of potential for winning the game. He kept flaming me through the whole game tho... When the game was near it's end there was a bit where he informed me nobody loves me.. i brushed it off with "the adc loves me tho" since adc was my premade ♥ THEN that guy tells me that everyone i know irl would be better off without me.. and since every teenager has thought that including myself that kinda rly got to me.. not gonna lie.. Game ends. We win! I was so happy for the win tbh THAT DUDE.... tells me... not to forget to end my life now that the game has ended, how sweet of him to remind me, i had almost forgotten after the 30 minutes of him constantly telling me to do it.. good thing he reminded me or it'd have slipped my mind! Ma dude even specified how, it involves wrists. After a whole game of almost complete silence and no flaming back i asked him why is **he** still alive and told him to go cry to his body pillow.. When "KawaiiHimee" talks about body pillows.. A bit ironic since I'm the one with the weeb name ... I click "play again" and me and my premade are just thrashing that dude in our private chat when i get "INSTANT FEEDBACK REPORT" i thought that's for the vlad and was happy he got punished this fast, I wasnt surprised tho.. 30 minutes almost nonstop flame, I'm sad i didn't take screenshots.. I click ok to that and I get banned. I wrote a ticket explaining what had happened and that I dont think that this is a game for which i should be banned, requested to speak with a human.. I was told that my ban was not a mistake : / Today I decided to check the flamer's op.gg to see what rank he was out of curiosity and I see he's in promos.. and that he's been playing every day after that day in which I got banned... so then WHO did i get instant feedback report for? So why did I get a ban if i've barely said anything and everything i've said was a reaction to the 10 things that were said to me? I thought telling someone to end their life ONCE was enough to get you permanently banned. Not to mention that _if_ that guy does get a ban on that account of his it's his smurf.. while i got a ban on my main account.. he wouldn't care in the slightest : / **My lore and personal opinions** The account has been with me through my most toxic times (2014/2015) - back when i started, when i used to sometimes sit afk and just flame/argue with people. And I only got a chat restriction once for 75 games.. Technically immediately after that there was a second one which I dont know how i got since i wasn't flaming. Getting it infuriated me so much that I used every single message i had to flame in game and the restriction was gone after 10ish games. No idea what that was.. I sincerely wonder why didn't i get banned back then.**(1)** Thankfully I grew out of that and became a better player, it was childish and a waste of my time and energy but you learn some lessons the hard way. But i do think most people can't grow out of that 100% and occassionally have their moments especially if they're stressed irl. I come from a country where we curse a lot.. and I mean A LOT... slavs amirite And please dont think i'm using this as an excuse "oh we curse a lot back at home so i think it's ok to curse in game and everywhere i go". Because that's definetly not what I'm saying. An explanation is not always an excuse. A lot of you have played the game for years, you know how it is with online friends and gifts from them. I've played the game for 5 years, my heart and soul there, collecting skins, icons and chromas.. probably 180 pounds spent on the account (which is around 400 in my currency). And my two gems - Union Jack Fiddle, a gift from a random i loved playing with who doesn't play anymore and we hadn't exchanged fb or anything else.. and Soulstealer Vayne, a skin for which i saved for 2 years.. since getting gemstones isn't easy. I screamed for 10 minutes straight when i finally got my gemstone out of a chest. Super unexpected and best moment of 2018 which was one of the most traumatic years in my life so far, but i we're not here to listen about my sad life story.. There are also other skins and icons which were very precious to me since they're gifts for my birthdays like Project Vayne, SHOUT OUT TO ONE OF MY SUPER CLOSE FRIENDS I MADE ONLINE YOAN, LOVE YOU BRO! I'm also super salty cuz this means i'm losing my TL icons i've bought through the years.. I bought {{champion:121}} just so i could throw some money away to buy his championship skin JUST so i can get the TL chroma... 1 week ban --> 2 week ban --> 1 month ban --> perma Also perhaps there could be permanent chat ban. Instead of permanently banning an account. Or permanent chat restriction. This needs sorting out. It should be sutiational in my opinion. The system should be able to reset and bans should be more accurately given. Example: A player gets chat restriction in 2012, doesn't get anything else until 2020 but one day loses their cool, calls someone stupid or maybe somehting a bit more offensive but not worthy of a 2 week ban but they'd still get it because that's what follows after chat restriction. Because it'd have been 8 years of him not getting another ban but that wouldn't mean anything. Sure the example with the years awas a bit over exaggerated but I you understand what i mean. Does that seem fare? Shouldn't it be some more minor like a chat restriction again. A punishment more adequate for his actoins. Let's say in my current case, I think I should be banned for a week or get chat restriction for some number games.. not get permabanned when i've only reacted to another player's harrasement and I was the one that did everything in my power to win the game for the team. No inting, no afking. In conclusion, I don't think I deserve to be banned for that particular game and the reporting/banning system needs some fixing. Thank you for reasing and please share your thoughts~ I'd love to hear opinions from everyone :)
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