What kind of world is this ???

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I am speechless ... , i can't describe how insulting is this , i only asked for something about my permanent banned account, this guy keep comes and threat me , is not the first time ,this guy banned 2 accounts for asking politly about my punishments, and now it warn me that he will ban all my support accounts if i ask further more about my account who been permanent banned , is this normal RIOT , with what rights he can do this ??? , he can threat me to shut up and to stop care about something i put money in ... , this is unacceptable . I am awaiting a Riot official person to explain me ,why i have no rights to get answers nice to what i asked , i insisted to know and talked nice , i haven't broke any rules ,even if your employers over support assistance , did lot's of mistakes and speak out of subject , or even more thinghs i notice , what kind of people you have on support department assistance line , if they occur to threat me out to stop asking about something i want to know , is my right to know , why i have no rights to know that i ain't finded yet , i haven't broke any ToS rules , neither did something illegal and they threat me to don't discuss about my past punishment , is this normal ... ,you expect from your players to don't threat others , and i got banned for such a thingh and wasn't even pushed that toxic .. ,but this guy just wants to close my mouth and blocks my acces to my rights of knowing what just happened to my account , is not normal ,take action about his attitude and how he speaks to me as well ,as do something about my 2 accounts who been permanent banned on support for asking the same question i haven't received answer too , and i tryed desperatly to understand my punishment deeply among the rules i tryed and eventually succeded to stick to them. I am not considering this support assistance , if i had questions about and insisted that much that they ban me on 2 support accounts.. , this is not a inoffensive question... , and i deeply need to know that as well so i can understand what you considered me toxic for in the chat logs you submited me 140 years ban for not swearing ,0 past behaviour criticism , and only because there were some griefers i tryed to stop throught an inappropriate methodology , accordingly to what were my chat logs . I can't feel like there was justice among the punishment i received ,if i have no rights to talk about it , and your assistance players from department close my mouth , further more they force me to stop asking about my punishment , and also they shouldn't be allowed to threat me in any way as i haven't broke any rules accordingly the way i speaked.. , i consider my question relevant for myself ,that's why i need an answer to it , but it looks like your employers are afraid to discuss about it , because they know this wasn't a normal punishment thingh .. , if that's the way you solve problems ... , how you expect your players to fix them problems if you can't fix your own and further more you speak like that to them ,and also not helping them out with them questions if they talk nice.
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