The new bronze, reports and advice

I used to play the game more than 6 years ago but then I quit and now I'm back and I've been playing for about 2-3 months now. The game is still fun for me but a lot of things have changed(for better or for worse). What shocked me most was when I started playing ranked.... I was never a great player... When I made my first account I made it to Silver 1(maybe I would have made it to Gold if i hadn't quit but who knows) and I struggled to get from Silver 3 to Silver 1. But getting from bronze to silver seemed pretty easy :/ And here's what changed most in my eyes... Playing bronze nowadays is hell... And every time I google ''tips to get out of bronze'' there's always some sherlock saying stuff like ''just get better/you're where you belong/don't suck/getting out of bronze is ez/change your attitude''... and yeah I guess they're right but that doesn't really help much :) Obviously there are feeders or people that go afk a lot of games and I don't really mind... but here's the thing... I've played 20 games in the last 3 days trying to get from bronze 1 to silver and about 60% of those games had at least 2 teammates that were afk or feeding(0 3, 1 4 or 2 6 is not feeding for me... but 0 5 in 12 minutes is). Now again... that's not the end of the world I just report someone at the end of the game if they don't seem to know the basics of the game and ruin it for everyone else. But then I see them in another game 2/3 days later doing the same thing and wondering if anyone even gets banned... then you check their profile and see the scores 1 9, 2 8, 0 5 and so on... and again you wonder whether anyone even gets banned?... There also used to be a ''unskilled player'' report option a few years ago where players that were frequently reported got demoted(whatever happened to that). Now I'm writing this out of desperation(out of the game with one foot already) and because I'm looking for tips on how to get out of bronze and if there's a way to avoid feeders/afk goers. If you have any I'd really appreciate it :D
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