Getting punished

So my questions is.Why do ppl that tryhard in ranked and play with all sort of players(trolls,inters and bad players)get more times punished then the actually one that doing stuff that should be punished.Now dont get me wrong im not saint myself and I will admit i do rage from time to time cuz someone drives me crazy in games like examples I just gave.But for some1 who def changed his mentality over the years and will admit that I rage rly rearly nowdays.Why?Cuz I started to care less for the game then I use to care.Why?Cuz I would get punished more often then ppl that actually are playing to troll,int and trow games and refuse to get carried by others.I mean its hard to stay cool when 2 guys are constantly pinging you and saying you are "uselles"while its totally opposite of truth.Rito suggests that you should just mute those players and focus on your gameplay and your gameplay only.Why?Isnt it stupid for example if some1 hits you in the back you wont defend yourself but ignore it cuz of the "summoner code"?I Mean im a player that when I want to win I will do whatever it takes to win and dont let no1 shittalk me and spam ping me cuz they are just bad.And when you check they match history they int they ass off every other game and the games they win they get carried once again by the same ppl that they eariler spammed pings and said "uselles".Why do this players continue to play and do the same stuff over and over and not get banned?I mean players like that still continue to play game and not get punished but ppl that care about the game and tryhard every game and try to defend themself get instantiy banned or punished by restricts.By what logic they have bigger rights then some1 who is actually playing game to become even better?This isnt first case of seeing stuff like this and this indeed happend to me before but its time to stuff defending trolls and letting them keep doing it cuz they dont care.In most of the games ppl are rly demoralised when some1 who needs to get banned dosnt get ban and you literally see ppl saying like "he wont get banned cuz rito"He wont get banned cuz rito bans mostly flamers"And in the most time its true cuz most cases "flamers"are the ones that tryhard in most of the games.Yeah you have to keep it cool but only reason this players "flame"are players that they get that troll every1 and DONT get BANNED cuz its not "against summoners code".Ty for your time
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