Leaves, no time and some good news!

Hey there gents and dames! I recently left a game, and I am so sorry for it. The game was a ranked game, and you should never leave those, unless it is for a very good reason. So first of all, sorry for that. you should never leave any game mode actualy but that is another discussion for another time! Another thing is this... I find it, that I do not have the time to play all that much the next weeks or months without being interupted, and I am nervous about my rankings. I am currently Gold V, and i would be devastated if I dropped to silver ue to decay, since I will not have the time to climb back up, so If some awesome dude or dudess have some info on decay, it would be highly apresiated! And now the good news! The reason I left the ranked game, was due to my Wife's water breaking, and I am now the proud father of a healthy son, hence the reason I lack the time at the moment for other game modes than the ARAMS! Thank you for reading, and cya around folks! _PS! Hope this is the right board for it!_
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