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The system is bs. Well it's better than it was before but in lower elos people are still trolling all the time. I don't understand why I have to lose my lp when i quit the champion select because some1 has trollpicked. This system is %%%%%%ed. How am i supposed to rank up in bronze when I lose my lp because i don't want to play with the trolls. Can you please just make it so we cant queue up instantly again (5min waiting time etc) but we wont lose lp. I'm willing to wait this but I don't want to lose the lp i have gathered just because some idiot doesn't care about the autofill system. And the autofill system is bs as well. What's even the point of it?? If a player doesn't want to play supp then he selects other roles but he'll still play sup because rito wants him to... thats the main reason to troll in my elo. Srsly. I think every1 in this community is willing to Wait longer in a queue than to get trolls and losing lp. In the big picture we would still have more lp by waiting more but winning more. Sry for bad English :) I'm just fkin triggered right now.
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