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Now taking a quick analys low elo /mid elo/high elo all the elos share negative behaviour regarding this fact i will start to make some analys of the games i play and how much toxic behaviour i finded every game while i played about 3-4 hours about a day ranked time of 1 month Now that been sayd 3-4 hours result in 6-8 games per day with an average time of 30 minuts per game .. more than okey i could say... I think riot is failing to reform players because of the mixt between new experienced players and old experienced players , is kinda normal to be angry when you see someone who's not close to your level of gameplay while he get same rank as you or close to you , because we feel like the ranked division and tiers should reflect the skill of the player ... but in most cases isn't like that... And as the system tend to balance you around mmr which is quitly the rank you have... like the division and how many games you winned in row ... ,it's really clear that the system may unbalance the games so hard and so easy.... Taking me as an exemple with 2000 games ranked as jinx , while i was playing alone i finded hard to carry 2-3-4 bad players/trollers every game ,flamers,afk , bad players... in gold + , and this is the exemple why i am saying this , most of the time the system unbalance my games with lower players ... ,after my thoughts a reason for this would be autofill players who can just slow my capacity and skill to advance ranked as being really good adc player not just a trash player... neither a normal player ,now taking this and the fact that even if i meet a decent support and get good scores this can't fight how much people can troll you from other positions how good enemy can be and how they can ruin all your advantage and make you struggle to win even if your gameplay on your lane was easy !!! And this is the perfect reason why i think there is room for improvments , when it comes to balance your team riot should take a lot of more many aspects of your gameplay when he match you ranked , this would reduce your angryness and stress , would make the games more chill to play if you are good player , and more balanced than ever... For me those aspects are regarding how good you can control your deaths and plays ,your kda how it looks regarding the role you play and how many times you performed the best in your team... , then you can add to this the experience and time you played this game ,how many seasons , old seasons end ranks ,how many hours you played normal games ,ranked, then add to this calcs of the system how much vision you place ,how many objectives you assisted and how many objectives you taked,then you can add your overall experience over a certain hero and balance you in teams , but in my opinnion if you are a good player you shouldn't get less skilled players of same tier just to make the game balanced . The reason riot unbalanced so hard my ranked games is the following one , i been plat V ending in preseason last year on a recent permanent banned account , then this season i was like moving from middle elo to lower elo regarding my luck , i had games where i just got such strong and games which i broke the enemy plays so hard that the games looked like hell of unbalanced , i rather have decent enemy players and decent team mates than just get random skilled players... regarding on the tier they are in and division .. , for me is important when it comes about ranked to get a team in decent limits of skills and gameplay , then if i am a good player and i want to advance riot should make that not feeling 0 challenging and neither feel too challenging , something in the middle something like you play better than enemy adc then you deserve to win ... if you can help your team to get advantage etc... I really want ranked experience to feel less frustating and demanding , but there will be really hard for riot to do this ... because they are quitly lazy and not working on bringing quality in your day to day games played ... , neither try to fix those really important problems , they just balance heroes when they have a system which is chaotic ... and who build teams so random that piss many players and make them get angry which land to punishments and etc.... Apply a filter on how people performed ranked in past and every day of the season etc... , would give better quality games , less trollers in them , why , because it reduce the amount of random skilled players and random trollers you can get per game , then it reduce the amount of random players you could get with any kind of toxic behaviour from leaving the game afk intentionally to flame ,pasive troll etc.. P.S:Sorry if i placed it in wrong section ,but it have something who would fix and players behaviour problems ,and would make ranked less grinding !
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