I'm not exactly the smartest- but isn't this discrimination?

I apologize if this originally appears to be someone complaining about a ban, but please hear me out. Due to my dyslexia and English being my second language, I'm having to go through this post with a friend in order to make sure its understandable. So I've just gotten back and found an email stating that I have been reported and banned for 14 days for harassment. When i looked at the messages that Riot labelled as "harassment" I was very sad. In the match that resulted in this, I had been involved in an aggressive conversation with our jungler(Who's name i will not mention), who had labelled me and my friend as "bad." When i asked if he could tell me what I did wrong, along with whether Shen jungle works with his devourers or not. This is the bit that Riot labelled as harassment: Shen had told me that I must have mental issues to not understand, which resulted in me saying "yes, I have plenty of mental issues thank you." According to Riot, this was me attacking Shen verbally. Within the next few minutes of that game I found myself banned for 14 days. Of course, i know it's "just a game." However, it's competitive and gives me pride when i manage to win with my team or lose whilst having a laugh. That's the beauty of league to me. But being banned from having pride simply because I have what Shen referred to as "Mental issues." I want the communities view- Did i deserve to be reported for my response? If so, please let me know. I need to learn whether this was a justified ban or not, in order to know if I should accept this as it is, or learn from my apparently mistake. http://snag.gy/9Uc1h.jpg http://snag.gy/wdZCi.jpg http://snag.gy/i5LkH.jpg Update: Have been able to log in to my account, and Riot said they will look into why i was given a 14 day ban for report calling, without any recent previous actions. Once i log into my account however, it says that i can not connect to pvp.net, and tells me that i have been banned until further notice. I think this is a bug due to the recent patch?
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