A message to all players who don't speak english

Many games it drives me crazy when i have players in game who can't speak english at all.Only english words they know are for example "omg noob report ty" and this sentence they learned from flamers which are present in most of the games.I hate thing that when you were at elementary school you were too lazy to study english when you were 12 for examle.You for sure knew that by knowing english you have your doors wide open to 90% of the world but still you were playing soccer,cs 1.6 and wasting time which you could use to learn at least a basics of english language.Its almost impossible to focus on learnig new language from 17-23 because its period when drinking,picking up chicks,partying,searching job etc... comes to scene but still you can learn if you are willing to work really hard and can afford to pay private classes but being overwhelmed by problems in this years on life affect negatively on your capability to study new language.I was learning much words especially swear words by playing action RPG games like star wars knights of the old republic 2,the witcher 1,oblivion,skyrim and too by playing especialy GTA San Andreas.Today i can lie in bed not watch movie just listen to it and i'll understand everyting what's happening.
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