Perma ban

hey, ekko trollpick lose my game and i get ban for flame he picked ekko supp and said idc i want ban and building ap no supp items started int and i lose than riot banned me and not this ekko he can still play again... Game 1 Pre-Game Vril: kindred or graveS? In-Game Vril: reported Vril: for trool pick Vril: i will Vril: so dopnt play rnakeds Vril: u get ban Vril: gg wp Vril: report ekko troll pick Vril: so dodge Vril: idc u get perma ban Vril: trollpick Vril: reprot oekko Vril: ty Vril: no wards Vril: look build Vril: useless Vril: shit Vril: u get banned so u will never paly Vril: enjoy perma ban Vril: open mid Vril: just push Vril: pls Vril: and report ekko ty Vril: ]nice ban Vril: lets push Vril: free elo Vril: boy Vril: can u push ? Vril: or dont know aht push means>? Vril: thjey are 3 Vril: so regorup mid nad finish Vril: ye tka efor give Vril: report kayn too Vril: inting Vril: and ekkot roll pick Vril: niceu lti Vril: 2 9 Vril: pinging me Vril: so funny Vril: game Vril: u get ban too Vril: for say dont care Vril: 2 bna incoming Vril: y u hardstucking Vril: hard Vril: so i meed Vril: negative win ratio Vril: in gold Vril: report ekko Vril: ty' Vril: and kayn too Vril: trash Vril: ppl Vril: inting Vril: its not bad game Vril: u said dont care in the case he can play asswell after troll nice riot. just unban me give me one chance.....
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