Riot Ban people for nothing (Again) !!!

Riot you are such a bad company or whatever you are i don't care!! Why you always ban people who got tilted from people who always flame and troll the games and you ban this guys who just got tilted and flame 1 game and you ban him, but you didn't ban this people who are flaming the entire game and troll and feed and then we lose and say report this braindead noob and more and then he say "%%%" which you know what is that mean and you didn't ban him ???? Can someone explain me what is this? That's why this game is dying!!! I don't know what to say more i just got 14 days ban for absolutely nothing and see my last games that my entire team are flaming me for no reason and they told me 15 times braindead because they troll and think they are better, and you never ban this guys and i still don't know why !!! I expect someone to answer me because i will really just leave this game forever!!

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