I'm effing CRYING like a loser

Dear horrible, evil, mean and flamey poopfaces who spent the last game bullying and cussing at me in french because I got the role of support and you wanted it; You two are AWFUL. I reported you both, but I doubt anyone else reported you, because this community doesn't think repeated flaming and bullying in the grossest way is reason enough to report someone. I even went MID so you two pee-tards could lane together. You jerkbags made me cry like an idiot. I hope you both get banned. I hope you have regrets and I hope you stop being TOTAL BUTTS. I was having such an awesome time playing solo Q tonight. People were so awesome. Then you two happened. :( I just needed to get it off my chest before I go bury myself under nine pillows to blubber because I'm a sensitive jellyfish who can't deal with this community. Kbye. EDIT: So most of you are incredibly nice and cool about the fact that I'm a sensitive manatee. Which isn't a given in a gaming community -- so I wanted to say thanks for all the awesome replies! I'm totes over these two rude french baguettes who ruined my mood to a silly degree. Thank you, thank you, thank you! {{summoner:30}} I do want to make a point here though. I've had some people add me on League only to tell me I need to learn how to deal with the toxic community or stop playing the game. People in this thread have suggested the same. Shoutout to the guy who left 5 comments within 10 minutes about how I should kill myself. {{summoner:3}} I think you guys are totally missing the point. This game and community shouldn't cater to people who make the games less enjoyable. I don't need to change, YOU do. And if you're leaving me passive-aggresssive or just directly-aggressive (hi rope-guy) comments, you're part of the problem and you need to go ahead and do some soulsearchin' or just covfefe. Peace! {{summoner:21}}
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