League of Legends is an awful game with an awful experience

I don't know why not being happy about having the worst experience in your life in an intended-to-by-fun video game is considered "OMG cry more" kind of behavior, but apparently it is. I don't give a shit about winning, losing, climbing or having people who can't play, noobs or whatever. But this is just an awful experience. I have played League of Legends for like 4 yers already. Almost every single one or more than 80% of my games, I seriously swear in my mother's life, are filled with toxicity, wishing cancer and cursing people or feeding intentionally/going AFK. I don't care if they are kids or adults, I do not care if they are angry or anonymous or whatever. This is ridiculous and not-acceptable for a game. Every time RIOT games are confronted about toxicity they always ask "What could we do" or "It's not so easy". Well I make 4k per month and never use that phrase in my field of work. They make 4 millions per month (no idea, speaking metaphorically) and they always have no idea what to do and things are always "Oh My God, So hard" . I never saw myself stopping this game even if I was crying about awful experience, but now I started playing other games in my free time. Today I went back to play one single LoL game. My support was Brand that started farming since the start of the game because he doesn't want to play support, eventually trolled after he died 4 times because I am a noob. My top was a 0/4 Pantheon that started feeding intentionally because "jungle no gang". And the jungle himself was, of course, AFK since like the 10th minute until the end of the game. (this is a Ranked game, of course) This is ridiculous. After so many years of playing and trying to cope with the vomit that spills on me because I want to play a game I am finally uninstalling the game and I hope it's for good. I know that even if every person like me stops playing, they wont care. Those people that make LoL an awful game will still play and still buy RP, which after all is the point of LoL. Best of luck on the fields of Justice of all decent people that play the game. Sadly none of them are bronze/silver where I spent my years trying to play 2 games in a row that are not like my last one. Yeah ... I just wanted to share a story. Love.
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