Solo Que Madness Please Help

Dear fellow summoners, this is not a whining post or flaming post but im just wondering what is the point of playing soloq in lower ranks? Im currently Plat 2 with my account and this game is simply not enjoyable for me at this point. People leave games or start typing in chat and saying "gg lost game" after 1 death. Today ivebeen in my promos for Plat 1 three times and out of those 5 games that played overall in my promos 3 of them had Intters/Afker, and in the other games i had people giving up at 10mins mark and start flaming eachother in chat and not playing the actual game. Im just wondering is there anything i could do in situations like this or may i aswell just say F it start trolling and griefing... Im losing my whole intrest in this game and ive played it for 6 years please give me some advices :)
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