Chat restrictions, bans, reasons specific discussion

Is this a joke?
I just got a 14 day ban for ONE GAME, no prior warnings, NOTHING. Just one game, and a 14 day ban. This is at level 26 after I have gotten upwards of 10 key frags for sportsmanlike behavior. I even got 2 of those frags today.
EDIT: PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST THANKS OK so lets start off with me saying this. I have never been banned, I have never been chat restricted on any account i have ever played on as far as my memory extends. So this is not a rant :) well it is a bit ranty but i would like a good discussion based on it. I've always known that riot when issuing punishments always looks only at the person doing the offense. Ie if i am cursing at someone that is cursing my whole family tree to the 10th generation and I'm reported, only my responses will be taken into consideration when/if punishment would be issued. I've always known this and I'm aware that "fighting fire with fire" is never a great response. Can't say I've adhered to this rule at all times but w,e that's not the point. With that being said. I want to discuss both sides of the coin here. 1st point. Only the offense maker is being considered. **(how i believe the system operates at this point) ** This is great and all but except in cases of people being baited into or provoked into scenarios that aren't characteristic for them. This isn't very fair for people that are having an emotional response to a person as most just want to log in game and have fun and a random dude just starts taking a dump all over their existence just because they went 0/3 or something like that. 2nd point. (the main point i want to discuss) The whole scenario is being considered **(how i feel the system operates at this point)** This is great in cases of provocation and bait (ie a very small part of rants on the boards). I feel like this option is liable to abuse but has it been considered? Is this how the system actually works and if not what kind of other problems have been encountered with it to make it a bad choice? As i'm struggling to explain my idea i'd gladly try to elaborate if something is unclear. I'm hoping for some thought out responses and if mods/rioters or big boi board dudes can drop their 2 cents i would be more than grateful :) Regards
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