Support never admits their system is bad

Hello Today i am going to expose how the league of legend support works and i do really want your opinions. Is this chat log banable when someone is toxic and trying to convince other people to report you. In response you try to say that you are not the one who trolls, but it is your supp that does not want to heal from the start of the game. At the end you are the one who gets ban for writing "Report soraka pls she is trolling" which she did by not healing our jng so i had to him alone and not healing me once in the begining of game. The worst part is she wrote alot of sentences that was much worse, but did not get any punishment. Is this fair? I have been contacting support and asked them to take away the chat restriction and give me back my honor lvl, but the do not want to admit that there system is not good enoough for catching flamers and bad behavior people. Her is my chat log. Game 1: xXApexPredatorXx: chill %%% xXApexPredatorXx: i am done xXApexPredatorXx: soraka have been trolling since min 1 xXApexPredatorXx: you could help much more Game 2: xXApexPredatorXx: can you ffs say ss xXApexPredatorXx: you are ruining my stats xXApexPredatorXx: again no ss xXApexPredatorXx: bot xXApexPredatorXx: push it xXApexPredatorXx: report mf xXApexPredatorXx: kassa you didn't engage xXApexPredatorXx: before we died xXApexPredatorXx: what a troll xXApexPredatorXx: and mf is flamer Game 3: xXApexPredatorXx: after blitz troll xXApexPredatorXx: wow the flame xXApexPredatorXx: reported and muted xXApexPredatorXx: you still havent stopped xXApexPredatorXx: oh can't wait for banning you xXApexPredatorXx: wow now you personal attack xXApexPredatorXx: yes pls xXApexPredatorXx: well flamers always loose just saying When i wrote to support they said. This KINGESTHORSE Today at 15:21 As I've already said, the suspension is legitimate. And threatening players with reports is considered as negative behaviour, that is correct. I am not going to post the whole conversation cause it is really long. Well if we say what i said was punishable why is the players who have been tilting, harashing and who lost the game on purpose, not banned yet or got chat restriction? how do I know? I play league alot and i meet some of the players again and again. Pls post your opinion and I hope we as players can do something about RIOTS behavior. Stand with me for better SYSTEM. Everything we as players do is punishable reason for them, but all of those mistakes riot does is seen as something good? BUGS. There has been times i have been disconnected from a game I could win 100% and then all of the players got disconnected and the game was gone. Nothing in my match history or anything. I wrote to support and asked them for my game rewards and the time I have spent on that game. They replied that the happened duo to update when we were in game and they did not give me anything. Why? Even scripters, hackers toxic people does not get banned so fast as people who is honest in this game. I mean you have noticed scripters who makes it all the way up to challenger, diamond and high elo and plays against Faker, bjergsen all of the pro players and afterwards they get caught. Why? BAD SYSTEM.
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