That's why I have a VERY hard time trusting the report system.

So yeah: if u curse etc u will get banned, fine. ...and about guys that just troll the fuck out of the game out of pure stupidity? I still think they can get away with that WAY WAY WAY too easy as long as they don't spam in chat too much and that's just insane. Last game I went solo, meeting another solo and a 3 men premade (top, mid, adc). Their top died 1vs1 2 m in the game or so, started to whine&flame to the point I just muted him (even if NO ONE was telling ANYTHING to him). After that, I went mid to gank, starting to fight the enemy with our Anivia just watching me, until I just retreated cause I was getting low. At that point Anivia started to chase the enemy, 1vs1 him...and die. She then proceed to spam 439848438 pings at me (already very far from him and in no condition to do jack shit anyway) while our adc just typed in chat "mid open gg": then ALL of them just afked in base for the rest of the game. Keep that in mind: I am NOT exaggerating things, I am NOT hiding something (like me insulting their mothers or something like that); they literally all afk after 5 m or so for those precise "reasons" (u can check it, is my last game: go ahead, add the support and ask him what happened: he will tell the same story). So, after the game I checked their profile: from the amount of Honor they had was clear no one of them was ever banned. Now: in pure theory can be because they are usually nice and kind, they just lost their mind in one single game for w/e reason. Let's be real tho: how likely is that guys that literally started to rage after one death to the point of plain afking the whole game are not very toxic in general? Hence my initial point: if calling someone "noob" or w/e can be ban worthy (perma worthy if u keep doing it) this kind of behaviour should get you banned MUCH faster cause is clearly worse. But atm we are stuck with an automated system very good at nailing you when u trash talk, VERY bad at punishing a troll if he doesn't make it SUPER clear (like feeding on purpose multiple time etc). Meh.
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