This bansystem is broken. I get banned for no reason.

Hey, I just got 14 day banned for pretty much no reason. I defended myself against flamers and toxic people and because i defend myself i get suspended, but they don't get banned at all?! In game 1 i can kinda understand where they come from. But i litteraly had 4 people flaming me non stop and i was just defending myself against that and explained why i lost lane. The only negative behaviour i see is against the champion? But that isn't against the rules? Just because i don't like a champ and i tell people that i get banned? That makes 0 sense. In game 2 and 3 i litteraly did nothing wrong at all. Defending myself against toxic people and asking to report a troller in my team. He litterally ran it down in my lane twice. So i think it's a very normal reaction to ask to report him? And thats not toxic at all? Thats like going to jail because u called the police cause someone harrassed you. So it would be very nice if you guys would unban me so i can play again :) Because i got banned for no reason... Game 1 In-Game Horubis: woops Horubis: wtf Horubis: Is that ignite dmg Horubis: that champ needs nerfs Horubis: top is completely lost Horubis: he has %%%%ing ignite Horubis: on toplane Horubis: he has 4x my farm Horubis: Cheesy to take ignite on top tbh Horubis: Thats just not balanced Horubis: Lmfao Horubis: Litteraly 0 skill required playing kled but still broken af Horubis: only 450 gold? Horubis: u have 30 more cs and 3 more kills Horubis: Wtf is this game xD Horubis: Ff this Horubis: Our jung doesn't care baout top Horubis: HE DOVE ME Horubis: 3 TIMES Horubis: AND BURSTED ME Horubis: FROM FULL HP Horubis: TO 0 Horubis: IN 1,5 SEC Horubis: And eve Horubis: refuses to gank Horubis: if i go top he dives me Horubis: For the 5th time this game Horubis: but i don't get help Horubis: I don't int? Horubis: I roam bot trying to get kills but they flame me Horubis: But i also get 0 assistance top Horubis: Cause kled dives me 4 times this game cuz he is so braindead and busted Horubis: ? Horubis: i just try to roam bot but they flame... Horubis: Dude xD Horubis: Your champ is braindead Horubis: and busted Horubis: + u take ignite top which i didn't know Horubis: So ofc u hardwin Horubis: u hard abuse that stuff Horubis: wp zoe Horubis: pls Horubis: stop absuing that champ Horubis: Pls Horubis: don't tell me Horubis: What to do Horubis: Maby if i had some assistance Horubis: In lane Horubis: Then i would ahve listen Horubis: BUt litteraly Horubis: 0 people Horubis: cared about my lane Horubis: And you all flamed me Horubis: 2/47 Horubis: 24/7 Horubis: so don't be like Horubis: buy this Horubis: do that Horubis: now Horubis: DO u really think Horubis: that i'm gonna listen to toxic people? Horubis: I'm muting all Horubis: Way too toxic Horubis: Unfortunate Horubis: /FF Horubis: Woops Horubis: That was an accident Horubis: Gg wp Horubis: Well deserved Post-Game Horubis: Toxicness doesn't win u games guys ;) Horubis: Why that Horubis: I did nothing wrong :/ Horubis: But hey Horubis: Maby if u flame mess Horubis: Less Horubis: You'll win more Horubis: ;) Horubis: Have a nice evening Game 2 Pre-Game Horubis: just pick tank jung Horubis: Just pick tank jung and lulu or janna sup Horubis: Or maby a tank too Horubis: But tripple adc comp is fine tbh In-Game Horubis: minionblocked Horubis: Report olaf ty Horubis: Litteraly inting Horubis: I was winning lane Horubis: But olaf comes to my lane Horubis: For no reason Horubis: i'm not toxic? Horubis: 1/0/1 with farm lead= winning lane Horubis: why do i always follow these low elo junglers Horubis: Why does he always come to my %%%%ing lane Horubis: i dodge e and 75% of your w Horubis: i think u need glasses Horubis: but olaf u ar emuted and reported Horubis: Cya Horubis: and thats another mute and report for a toxic player Horubis: ah Horubis: gg Post-Game Horubis: U play early game champ Horubis: I play lte game Game 3 Pre-Game Horubis: Yasou ban pls In-Game Horubis: they might lvl 2 gank me Horubis: so ivern u should invde his blue Horubis: THANKS SONA Horubis: HE START BLUE Horubis: U SAID Horubis: ye Horubis: but Horubis: alrdy Horubis: too late Horubis: top is %%%%ed Horubis: why do i alwys listen to low elo Horubis: ff Horubis: WHo fed this twitch so hard Horubis: xD Horubis: Polymorp Horubis: Is actually Horubis: The most busted abil out there Horubis: ANyways lulu and twitch u guys are reported for boosting :/ Horubis: Boosting accounts are against the rules Horubis: using boosting strategies=boosting=against the rules Horubis: ok Horubis: 4 autos Horubis: From 20 teemos away Horubis: U are way too good for us Horubis: i didn't lose? Horubis: I only lost after twitch and lulu came Horubis: before that i was ahead
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