So, i guess we can mostly agree that the system that handles the reports by players is glitchy and buggy, lately even more so..I recently got chat restricted for asking my team to group up,stop feeding and try to focus on objectives, but got reported for "flaming them for feeding". Then after playing my ten games chat restriction i thought okay maybe i should keep quiet in chat and let things be until like 10 minutes ago,where i was i playing Poppy top against a lulu( hard enough to cope with the poke) and i was being hard camped by enemy jungler and bot lane(premades), died twice becuase of no ss from my bot lane only to have my adc Flame me for feeding,then go top to take the farm when i was behind instead of team fighting, whats worst is the player was telling me to get cancer and die and then repeatedly swearing at me in french... so tell me do you think the instant feedback system is actually gonna do anything about it ??{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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