Class, Role stereotypes

What do you see most of the time from a certain type of chapion and a role? Here are mine, Im an assassin jungler main so heres my perspective. Snowbally Top laners (Riven, Kled, Fiora...) They either get fed and bm the whole game or die twice before i get lvl3 and proceed to flame afterwards, expecting me to gank a full health lvl6 yasuo that is 6/0. Tanky Top laners They're literally silent. Lane bullies Theyre usually ok but sometimes they manage to lose lane against something like nasus. Those games are not very fun. Mid laners that are not assassins Even though they are rare they're pretty cool usually. Assassin mid laners Same as a top snowballer. ADCs I do my clear, manage to succesfully gank mid and top, I go back and i realise my bot died and theis adc is currently spamming all-chat with better jungler wins when the enemy jg is super far behind. This happens way too often. Supports They're either Silent or are duo with adc and says the same things.
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