I will change your life

Hello guys, Ive been losing a lot of games exactly the same way recently in ranked, and I figured out I could help raise awareness, because most community lacks some crucial game knowledge that could be used even outside of league. 1 is less than 5 2 is less than 5 3 is less than 5 4 is less than 5 1 is less than 4 2 is less than 4 3 is less than 4 1 is less than 3 2 is less than 3 1 is less than 2 Before starting a fight (especially in late game), check out if the number of your teams players is bigger or the same as number of players of enemy team. If it isnt, DONT start the fight, it will most likely lose you the game instantly! Now that you know this, you wont take gamelosing fights in lategame anymore! You dont even have to thank me.
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