Rant: Look inside!

I forgot how mind numbing and infuriating LoL players can be. This game is all about WIN or LOSE. Sure, we can have great experiences but ultimately the only thing matters in this game is how you work together to achieve a WIN. The reason as to why winning is the only important thing in this game, is because the time you invest in Lol per game is massive. League of Legends is a game where you ATLEAST play 20m. You invest that time into LoL and not into something else you could be doing. If you spend 40m on a game, just to lose it, that in its own is incredibly (atleast for me) dissapointing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type of player who'll rage for NO reason. I'll rage for things that'll get on anyone's nerves: People goin 0/7 before 10. Refusing to do something simple because you can. I genuinely try to not let it get to me but come on. Some of these games are just horrible. I'm doing well in lane and all of the sudden the midlaner, the jungler & the toplaner come in to my lane and absolutely wreck me simply because my horrible teamamtes couldn't realize that after the first death, you should probably stay at your turret and last hit. Or that we could win the game and one of my teammates absolutely REFUSES to listen to me. Whether it's baron call or actually hitting the nexus. I had a Master Yi that walked into the fountain simply because it wouldn't be "fun" to end it now. It obviously resulted in a loss because the death timers were huge and we were actually behind the entire game and had a good tf after getting stomped for most of it. Just this last game, i had a lead, we were one shotting everyone and to finish it of, all we needed to do was get a baron and win the game. Yet for some reason people refuse to listen to reason and go for kills. Which btw, if you think that killing the quinn that lost her lane and was behind in cs significantly is a good idea, you should think otherwise. Hell, you are an idiot. I can understand that ignorance from a player who's new or who's bronze. But we are talking about people that can go up to Platinum ONE. I'm gold V and I know better than someone that's a league and 4 divisions above me. I'm not asking for your best game. I'm asking you to play SMART. Because it's not just YOU playing. You are affecting 4 people with your actions. And before you go: "Well raging the entire game isn't helpful either". I only rage to the point where the damage has been done and there's no return. When three of my teammates go 0/7 i know it's over and lose control. If you play properly, actually try to improve and aspire to win then you won't hear a peep out of me. Hell, i get reported one game and get honored the next. It's how YOU play that either makes me a kitten or absolutely savage. Is it REALLY that hard to play safe when you play a role/champion you aren't that familiar with? Do you really have to go and towerdive when you don't even know what your abilities are? Is it that hard to listen to the guy who hasn't died yet and most likely knows what he's doing? Do you honestly want to improve: Make smart decisions and make plays where you atleast have good odds. If you make a mistake, know why you made that mistake and ATLEAST try and not make it again. I don't mind a bad play. I mind horrible players who refuse to play for the win. "But Syfes, fun isn't all about the win." In this game it absolutely is. I've played thousands of games and I have offline games and even Console games that i play online that are casual games where no matter the result of the match/level, i can have CASUAL fun. The thrill of hitting that nexus is awesome but it is as equally awful once yours gets taken out. That's what LoL fun's about. Getting that win. Those who refuse to play properly, ruin the fun for everyone and quite frankly should play casual games. Because there you can fuck around in without affecting anyone negatively.
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