I've had the most baffling report/player situation

So from time to time, I have to report a player post game, there is nothing special about that. I reported an enemy for AFK; status update, they got punished. Nice. I report some guy for some mild flaming, it's not anything out of the ordinary, but I report flame that is **not** competitive BS'ing, which is exactly what Riot supports, which is perfectly fine. They also got some sort of status update. About three years ago, I got a **2 week ban**, where basically shit hit the fan when I said the word "f\*ggot", Riot has a *zero tolerance* policy, so that was 100% my fault for not controlling my rage over a goddamn video game. Back to present time, I had a game, where this one Twitch, I'm not sure if I should say his name or not, because I believe what he said deserved a perma ban, but I'll keep it confidential for the sake of "naming & shaming". He **repeatedly** called me the n-word in all caps, threatened to kill and rape my family and all sort of nasties. No filter. Straight up, all caps. This guy has played about 12 games since, in a span of 2 days, and as far as I know, hasn't gotten anything. Looking back at that *zero tolerance* policy, don't you think that really crosses the line?? I have **already sent a ticket**, but what the hell, how was it not an instant reaction to the report?? Even *if*, the system is automated, shouldn't it already detect the "hate speech" and the death threats?? Update: He's still not banned, and has played 5-6 games everyday since that point.
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