Account is getting Boosted

So I reported a Account for getting boosted to the Riot support, that Account and his smurf are in my Friendlist, its not that i am mad with him or anything. I just find it pretty unfair that someone is getting Rewards for doing absolutly nothing at all. I even talked with him about it and he said "I dont care about this Game anymore." Where do I know it from that hes getting boosted? Because I play Aram together with him when hes on his Smurf while at the same time someone plays on his Main Rankeds. (ofc I type here from a different Account so no one is looking at who I mean with this "namesharing and stuff you get it ;)") this is why bronze players are in platinum. Riot Support just tells me we are on the watch about him... thats about 2 Weeks ago while that Account keeps getting boosted, I even played with him today on his Main Aram. So neither the Account Sharing System is working nor the Support is doing their job.
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