Players abuse the new flex to earn money/ items IRL.

HI. Today in the new FLEX 5's i encountered a plat 2 solo q player, in my silver 3 game. He explained he was doing his placement games, and was fully intending to go 0/10, to abuse the elo system and get placed in bronze. When asked why he would do this, he said its just FLEX my solo duo rank is all that matters to me and when i get in bronze i can smash bronzies and get high KDA's for sites such as, thus earning money. I won't shame the player here, on a public board, but I feel earning money this way is disgusting. I remembered a post back in 2014 about pros doing this, ( I was wondering if this punishment is still in place, if RIOT actually read board posts here, and what I can do about this problem.
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