Saying you want somebody to get cancer is not 'cool'

What is with people? I have seen people telling other people they wish they had cancer, they wish their family dies of cancer and they want me to 'get cancer' - this has happened sadly three times in this one week and multiple times before this. As somebody who has sadly lost several people to cancer - including a very close family member in the last year can I please ask anybody who uses this sort of language to stop. Is this a 'cool' thing to say to people nowadays? I just don't get it. I actually asked a guy to stop saying stuff like that after a match and he then ranted about me being a '15 year old kid' because I dared to be offended by it. I don't care about getting flamed too much, I don't really care if you say stupid and mildly offensive stuff (though I will report you) but saying you want people to get cancer is just sick and offensive to those who have lost people. Please stop it.

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