When the irony is strong

It was a ~~beautiful,sunny,warm~~ ... Actually let's make this fit a bit more into the ranked atmosphere. Ahem. It was a cold, dark, rainy day when I have come to a decision to *thunder sounds* play one or two games of ranked. Or 3-4.. Or if they were losses 5-6 *cughs* Anyway, off I went into the first game of the day, straight to bot lane, determined to keep my precious squishy adc alive at all costs. See, I always somehow felt this connection to my adc, where all I wanted to do was protect him, and I know it is a "support's job" to do so, but just having that nice bond of mutual trust where we know we will both be there for eachother in that lane, doing our best to keep the other alive if necessary is just so.. Cutting this mushy stuff short, we had our first 2v2 tussle, everyone was really low, the enemy adc quickly healed his support as she was about to die, it seemed like the fight was going in our favor, and just as I already saw both of them dead in the near future.. I was the dead one. Wait what happened? All I saw in the end was that my adc was alone fighting the 2 of them, using his heal quite some time after I died and dying himself since he used it too late to save himself as well. Our jungle saw everything that happened, and asked him why didn't he use the heal earlier? Both of us would have lived and turned the fight, but he used it too late. I mean, I honestly didn't mind at first, maybe he just forgot or panicked or who knows.. But then he wrote.. AD: I never use MY heal on supports, they are useless anyway Jungle: You realize heal is made for 2 people? AD: No because only one of us is actually useful So that really hurt. That is when you realize your ad sees you as nothing more than his slave. Or something worthless. Let's just say he was not only selfish at that point in the game, and his ego where he was the only one who mattered in the game in the end cost us everything. Moving on, yes that first game was heartbreaking and yes I did feel like someone just stabbed me in the heart, but new game, new team. So in this one, there was this lovely Twitch, he was dancing and running around me while we waited to leash our jungler. He even offered me his cheese. He noticed I was not really in the best of moods so he even "gifted" me 1 free cs in lane. That was actually really sweet of him. So in our first 2v2 showdown we did amazingly well, went to base, back to lane. {{champion:29}} : Ok after all that I still have heal so we can go for them again! Me: Oh awesome! {{champion:29}} *accidentally presses heal and flash while typing* (we were still going back to lane there) {{champion:29}} ... I am so - At this point, before he could blame himself or apologize, I told him I have heal too and used my healing ability on him even if we were both full hp, just to take the edge off. He actually laughed it off, but the grim reality striked, and we lost our next 2v2 due to not having heal unfortunately.. So at this point, I had 1 ad who was a slavedriver using his heal only for himself, and 1 ad who was really nice but used his heal when not even needed. But then.. Then. This marble appeared in my 3rd game. Straight off the bat, as soon as the champ select started, after we locked in our choices, after spawning and going to leash the crugs. I thought he was good, he was perfect, he was quiet, seemed strong, confident, someone I could rely on in lane. But then he spoke. {{champion:119}} : I don't wanna tilt you or anything, but I hate support players. (so at this point I was already frustrated and could not resist getting pulled into a banter-thon with him) {{champion:37}} : Yeah, well, I already dislike you as well. {{champion:119}} : Good, then this will be easy, just stay out of my way, and I will do everything, try not to drag me down k? {{champion:37}} : Oh I am sure you will have a great time alone vs a {{champion:412}} and a {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} : Trust me, just stand back and watch, this will be easy. Just go in a bush or smth out of my sight so you don't cloud my vision. {{champion:37}} : I think your ego is clouding your vision more than enough already. {{champion:421}} : Oh no, mommy and daddy are fighting :c {{champion:98}} : Shhh rek sai it was just getting good *munches on pop corn* {{champion:119}} : How about you all mind your own lanes? {{champion:421}} : Yes daddy {{champion:119}} : Stop calling me that holy fk it's creepy {{champion:421}} : Sorry daddy {{champion:119}} : And this is why I am never having kids {{champion:37}} : Isn't that because you are an overgrown one yourself? {{champion:119}} : Ha. Stop talking now and let's get this started. {{champion:98}} : Sona 1 Draven 0 {{champion:119}} : I TOLD YOU TO MIND YOUR OWN LANE So as you can see the team synergy here was off the charts good ^^ Great really.. I had worse. So first fight, Draven is about to get hooked when he was already low and used his flash, and if he got hooked now, he was pretty much dead. So I leaped in front of him to get hooked instead, managed to exhaust the other ad and died while Draven managed to get a double. {{champion:119}} : I was gonna be fine. There was no need for you to do things. {{champion:37}} : Well me doing things got you a double so be happy with it {{champion:119}} : I could have done it alone too. {{champion:37}} : Seriously is there anything bigger i this world than your ego, seriously? {{champion:119}} : Well.. There is this one thing *wink wink* {{champion:37}} : Your need to compensate for something? {{champion:119}} : Just stop talking and don't get into my way ok damit. {{champion:98}} : Savage. {{champion:421}} : Daddy do you want red? {{champion:119}} : You don't talk to me ok? Just. Stay away. {{champion:421}} : :c So this continued for a very very long time, but most surprising of all was the fact. That we actually. Somehow. Stomped bot lane. Even when ganked, by 3 or 4 people, we did perfect ults, perfect combos, perfect everything. Idk how, as dysfunctional as we were, we were unstoppable. Draven ofc kept claiming how it was all him how he can 1v9 etc etc. But I let him, he is a Draven after all. So the game was nearing its end. Draven and I were alone in their jungle, taking some cs stealing buffs, having a great "date and alone time" as rek sai liked to call it. But then, we were surrounded. All 5 of the enemy team just surrounded us out of nowhere, ready to delete us, but we stood strong, and knowing this Draven, the last thing on his mind was to run. So we fought. We managed to kill 3 while moving, kiting, ulting, but then I got low. Dangerously low, I could have flashed out, left him there. But. That guy, as obnoxious as he was, as annoying as he was, I still cared. So as he was about to be hit, I flashed in front of him to take it, so he could keep fighting, I already saw the grey screen creeping up on me. But that is when I heard it. He used {{summoner:7}} . He was in no danger to use it. He used it for me. I lived, our team arrived, we aced them. {{champion:37}} : Draven did you just? {{champion:119}} : Shut up my finger slipped. {{champion:37}} : Aw Draven you do have a heart q.q {{champion:119}} : No I do not stop talking nonsense, I did it for the good of the team, psh {{champion:421}} : Sona and Draven sittin in a tree {{champion:119}} : I swear to god if you don't stop talking right now i will find a way to throw an axe in your face even if you are my teammate {{champion:421}} : Sorry daddy {{champion:119}} : ... And that game ended happily ever after. Despite how it looked, the most unlikely of them all, turned out to actually care in the end. I guess it just goes to show, this community does have a bunch of hidden softies. Just gotta go through that cold hardened ranked veteran shell to get to it.
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