How to avoid chat restrict- My Experience

Hi,so i was permanently banned 3 times,all 3 times i got chat restricts so i've made new accounts too but still managed to get chat restricted,i made new account,clean,almost level 30,no chat restrict.I'll tell you what you should do in order to not get chat restrict. 1.Basically don't flame,and if you do,don't do it too much,flaming is part of everyone's life and we eventually have to do it sometimes also don't flame hard (by hard i mean on triggered words k&s,%%%0t,etc...) 2.Don't talk too much,if you talk too much,you will get chat restricted after couple of games and you'll have logs of 3 GAMES,yeah,3 games,and they will be long as hell just because you were talking too much,so don't do it. 3.Don't write " ggez " at the end of the game or in any state of the game,it's also triggered word and unsportsmanlike conduct,so instead just say " gg wp " ,i've got tilted 1-2 day ago and i trolled 2-3 games in a row,flamed also,but not too much and i was saying " gg wp " at the end of the game everytime,still i'm not chat restricted and i get key fragments.And yeah,my whole team reported me. 4.If you're feeding and you're getting flamed by someone from your team or enemy team respond with " oke " to them,don't say you can't believe me,i feel you,i would flame the sht out of that person but when i respond with " oke " to him i relax and he gets even more tilted and wants my attention even more xD.. Sorry for my bad english,if anyone has any arguments on this post or any more tips to add feel free to reply.ty for reading.
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