I'm making this post so other people can see and have their opinion on this topic. Riot gave a twitch streamer called Nubrac a 14-day suspension when he was playing teemo support mid. In his match history, you can see that he won a lot of games with it and that he is actually trying his hardest to win, a.k.a. he is not griefing. Nightblue3, who was plain toxic against him that game threatened him by saying that his riot friend would ban his account. A couple of games later it was actually given a ban for griefing. Riot encourages the player to play off-meta stuff, but when they eventually do it, they ban their own playerbase. Na boards are going crazy over this topic, but i think it's important that everyone knows what is happening. It's sad to see how not even one riot employee answered to atleast one post on the boards about this topic, they are completely disregarding it. I'm open for discussion
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