Can we get an option to turn off chat COMPLETELY?

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After getting a 2 week suspension i realized that once youre in the system you get banned for basically anything. I got chat banned for calling a guy loser who said the exact same thing to me 2 minutes before,i got banned for asking my team mates to report a person who WAS RUNNING DOWN MID AND INTING,i got chat banned for saying GG report X person when he and his premade refused to play with us and just ran around the map together trying to get a kill and ended up having a joint score of 7/25 or something. Seeing as you can't use chat for anything else other than saying GOOD JOB TEAM I LOVE YOU,god forbid you tell an inter/flamer to stop that or say youre going to report him,let alone try and give someone constructive criticism that will be misinterpreted by the system as "excessive messaging" or harassment,why not just give us an option to turn off chat completely. I know people will come here acting high and mighty saying stuff like well just mute all or don't flame,but "Toxicity" is such a loose term that no one at Riot bothers to even make a note about all off the things considered toxic in the game and pin in it somewhere on the client like a rule book so people know. Instead you just get chat banned for saying "ez" to an enemy douche that was flaming you all game,and once youre in the system i guess GG WP would be a bannable offense as it could be a "sarcastic comment" ,like hello,you can't even write GG when your team is losing 20/0 at 12 minute mark and ask for an early surrender??? If you're going to have this zero tolerance policy at least let the players choose to have chat as a function in the game at all,pings will be enough for players not wanting to get banned for saying GG,the chat is basically used for flaming 95% of the time and even when its not,according to riot it what's the point?
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