Riot, could you please elaborate on this.

I dont know about you guys, but I thought Riot wanted a sportmanship environment in this comunity and in their game. Since when is BSing sportmanship? Also, what determines the limits of BSing? I never knew being a jerk or an @sshole was considered "fine" in League of Legends to begin with, how about you? To make myself a bit clear on the subject here; BSing is not playful banter, its not even close. One thing is poking around knowing both "parties" are cool with it and the context is friendly, but another thing is being a complete jerk. Sure the mute button is a players best friend in League of Legends, but Im just amazed that Riot sunk this low to allow negative behavior if its "competitive". What does that mean anyway? For real, what does that mean? Does that mean I can be a jerk in ranked games because its competitive? Because let me clarify, being a jerk isn´t hate speech nor any of the obvious reportable options. Just think about it **Competitive BSing**, how more subjective can you be Riot? Honestly, BSing could be anything! Does this mean that I can engage in psychological warfare against my opponents? Am I allowed to destroy them so much from the iniside enough to emotionally and possibly physically hurt them outside of the game in the name of competition? Because people can BS and stay away from being reportable, I´ve seen it, we´ve all seen it. Im just speechless to be honest... The fact that I am making this thread to begin with is mind blowing. Everytime, I see %%%%%%%%%%ting positive behavior and sportsmanship, and then I see that... So what gives Riot? Do you want a positive community or not? Bull-Shtting are BIG words coming from the company that does not tolerate almost anything remotely offensive. ___ I would honestly like a representative from Riot to respond, even if this discussion is ridiculous to begin with but either way. I would like some official clarification.
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