Permanently Banned

Dear Riot, I’ve been playing your game since launch and occasionnaly flame as some games are a joke. I got my first account banned and since then i didn’t really go crazy on anyone. My 2nd account just got banned for saying “idiot” in one game at a guy who was playing nautilus mid. I was playing pantheon and he didn’t help me once for crabs. Also, he was mocking me when i was getting killed by jungler, support and mid laner as soon as i wanted help for camps. I don’t understand how you ban someone for playing your game with passion and you let go someone who just trolls in game, plays solo in a 5 man game. I also spent a good amount of money on these 2 accounts, maybe around 1000$ in total. Now its all gone. My dream would be for you to give me back this account. If you don’t, i’m just going to create a new account (At the age of 21, i’m supposed to stop your “kids” game - banned for saying idiot hahaha) As faker does, i will never ever buy a skin or any RP from your company. You ban account after people spend their life on it. You don’t want toxicity in your games but you don’t really do anything to fix it. Maybe fix the autofill system ? Maybe remove this crab for junglers ? Maybe add voice com ? Do something thats good for the game not just ban people for trying to win. You gave your game an esports image so why ban people that want to win. You should ban people that trolls and pick nautilus mid with full Damage items in a ranked game. Do whatever, i dont care. Just give me my account back wtf
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