Perma banned for disabling ENTER key

How to disable your own League chat & stop yourself saying something you shouldn't. * /r/leagueoflegends
I've seen this requested a fair amount of times, so here it is. * Download AutoHotKey from and install it. * Open...
I used this Reddit post as a guide on how to disable my chat key. It uses a program called 'AutoHotkey'. The code was only 3 lines long and all it did was disable the ENTER key when in the League of legends game. I did this because i know how snappy i can be to other players playing badly, so to stop myself getting perma banned i disabled the ENTER key all together to stop myself from being able to open chat. I log on today to find that i have been PERMA BANNED. This is completely ridiculous. How in any way is this in breach of the terms of service, im not changing the game in anyway, im disabling a button on my keyboard. Please tell me how this deserves a ban. The fact you cant disable the ENTER key inside the client has lead me to take actions into my own hands. And you're gonna ban me for it? you really want to force people to use chat. Why cant you just accept that people like me enjoy your game but also enjoy winning and can sometimes get a little heated. Its almost like you want us to flame so you can ban us. You patch every way possible to hide chat or disable chat. Its a complete fucking joke.
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