lost a player

i actually cant be bothered to play this shit game no more, got demoted two division on the one account and lost the start of promos on the other, just constant feeders, inters, trolls, afks, and people playing in ranked at lvl 30 and playing champs that they have no idea how to play let alone last hit, ward, move attack properly and im also so sick and tired of junglers not doing anything but afk farming, two heralds spawn now and its like they have no idea, leave drakes there to be taken even though they are being pinged, people no looking at the mini map the list is endless, and riot is unwilling to do anything about it and here we are another season later and in my opinion the %%%%ing worst, ban my account i dont give a shit no more lol. Your game is a joke riot i used to love this game but all you have done is ruin it by releasing new skins and broken champs the last worst than the last, and im sick of it riot i will wait for my card, until then i would rather play fortnite than this shit. Bye.......
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